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What if color became benevolent towards a world that needs more beauty and less quantity? 

soie teinture cochenille

Sustainability should be put in front of each new creative process, and the life cycle of each color should be carefully considered.

Can fashion trends coexist with sustainability? Not only: facing unnecessary overproduction, fashion trend forecasting can become again a smart eco-solution. 

The philosophy of THE GOOD COLOR is to choose the right color that will last over time and to associate it with the right color that will be sustainable for the planet.

Here is a personalised support for your sustainable collections, so that the dyes used never exit your ecological process. 

Today, thanks to new dyeing techniques that are alternative to traditional chemistry, and have a low ecological impact, we can aim to a responsible fashion product without giving up on trends, brand identity, and market evolutions.

THE GOOD COLOR offers its services to textile producers who wish to develop their color cards using alternative dyes. 

THE GOOD COLOR offers brands and manufacturers a palette of sustainable fabrics, in an ecological color range. 

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